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About Minions of Cyn
Minions of Cyn is a level 25 Horde Guild on Sisters of Elune and was founded by Cynringer, Bonitaious, and Odera with the common goal of enjoying end game content and having fun doing it. Coming from various in-game backgrounds: Hardcore Raiding, PVP, Questing and Altoholics we are now focusing on Mists of Pandaria and all the new content that will bring. 

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Starting a new tradition.

Cynringer, May 1, 13 11:53 AM.
In the interest of garnering more guild activity a weekly reward of 1000 Gold will be given out to the player who has accumulated the most Activity Points from Tuesday to Monday. You can gain points by completing Quest and Dailies or killing Dungeon and Raid bosses and completing Scenarios. All of which multiply when in a Guild Group (3 or more party members part of Minions) dropping a Battle Standard and I believe wearing the Guild Tabard still has its benefits. 

Cutoff time will be Monday 8PM Server. As long as the Guild continues to generate money through Guild Challenges this will be recurring weekly. If you have any questions about this or any other ways to earn gold from the guild, message Cyn. 

Stay Classy: The Ultimate Challenge

Cynringer, Jan 27, 13 5:34 AM.
Because we're all goblins at heart and we want more bank space, hell, we DESERVE more bank space ;)

We'd like to work on attaining the Classy achievement: Reach 85 and be honored with the guild with the original six race/class combos, and 90 on the Pandaren classes also honored with the guild. I'm thinking of a monetary reward for the toons who achieve a needed race/class combo. However to do that and keep making bank for the guild, we need to churn out more Guild Challenges, specifically Scenarios. That's stupid easy money for something so simple. So get on your lvl 90 alts that need some gear, grab two guildies and have at it! Forum post coming soon for what's needed. Also keep in mind for Dungeon Challenges you do not have to be max level. Grab 2 ppl close to your level (in the guild) and go melt some faces in randoms. 


Hello new members!

Cynringer, Jan 3, 13 4:06 PM.
Guildportal has recently come back online after a few days hiatus and your account may not be active. Please note you HAVE NOT been removed from the website maliciously. The database that the site has been backed up to was from two weeks ago, before we had all you awesome people on the roster. (Details on GuildPortal's FB Please sign up again, it will only take a few seconds, and check out the website. Welcome to the Guild!

Cynringer and Bonitaious

I Second That!!

Veronora, Nov 13, 12 1:56 PM.

I want to second Cyn's comments. Additionally, let’s all keep an eye out for possible new additions to our guild. It takes all of us to make this guild successful. If you have any idea or come across someone that would be a good addition to our ranks please let Cyn or I know. Thank you for all the hard work and now is the time for us to start focusing on MOP content and a future in end games. (Cheers)

A Late Grats on Level 25

Cynringer, Nov 2, 12 8:42 AM.
We started leveling this guild in late June from a level 12 starting point. In four short months we shot up 13 guild levels! No small feat.

Now we're level 25 and our focus is shifting on recruiting and leveling all of our awesome characters and experiencing all the content of the expansion.

Thank you, all of you, for all the work you've put into leveling the guild. Now it's time to rule the world..... of warcraft. :P
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